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[edit] HW

[edit] NSA-310

To assemble jtag do the following:

  • Place 20 pin header into J1 connector
  • Assemble SW1 to have reset button (optional)
  • Assemble R140 (0R) to connect reset signals somewhere into SOC (probably optional)

(I have no idea where R140 is connected, i might be wrong)

Detailed picturen

Used jtag layout seems to be fully standard and is described here. So common 20 pin JTAG adapter can be used. Just watch out the polarity.

[edit] OpenOCD compatible JTAG

I have voipac one based on the FTDI FT2232 USB device. [TODO put some picture here]

[edit] SW

[edit] OpenOCD

wget http://masu.6f.sk/extra/files/arm/nsa310/openocd/vpaclink.cfg
wget http://masu.6f.sk/extra/files/arm/nsa310/openocd/nsa310.cfg
wget http://masu.6f.sk/extra/files/arm/nsa310/uboot/uboot-nsa310-zyxel.bin
openocd -f vpaclink.cfg -f nsa310.cfg
telnet localhost 4444
#nc localhost 4444

[edit] Commands

Starting u-boot

load_image uboot-nsa310-zyxel.bin
resume 0x00600000

[edit] Notes

load addr 0x00600000
exec addr 0x00670000

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